Manuka Life introduces &Sister

&Sister specialise in producing unique yoga retreats and well-being events. Our philosophy is three-fold: one, to collaborate with leading lights in the well-being world; two, to create unique retreats and events that, three, in turn establish a long-lasting ever-evolving community (an &Sister &Brother-hood).

&Sister grew out of my own life-changing retreat experiences that kept me sane during my stressed-out periods as a lawyer in my 20s, combined with Natalie’s eye for luxurious detail and loving desire to help guide and support her little sis – hence the name!

The idea burst into my mind whilst on a yoga mat several years ago (the best ideas always do!). Natalie and I subsequently set up &Sister in July 2015 and began to plan our first retreat. Natalie and I are passionate about what we do and adore working together. We are usually found in Charlotte’s in Ealing, lattes in hand, plotting our next conceptual retreat experience (while entertaining two toddlers!). The best thing about running our company is the chance to connect with like-minded people, whether they be our collaborators or our retreat guests or in some cases both – like in October 2016 when Sarah Mac, Manuka’s creative director, retreated with us on Indian Summer. Spending time with Sarah on the retreat, specifically chatting on the long countryside walk has led to &Sister now partnering with Manuka Life. In fact, if you are reading this and are tempted to retreat with us, we are offering Manuka Life customers a 30-minute complimentary treatment on any of our upcoming retreats. All you have to do is quote MANUKA30 when you book.

Last chance to enter ManukaLife with &Sister competition

We are so thrilled to be collaborating with Manuka Life, a yogawear and wellbeing brand that we LOVE. Manuka Life has supported &Sister since we were a newly born idea.

We’ve now teamed up to give away the below Spring inspired yoga outfit , sweater, peach tee, and sweat pants, worth £144 to one lucky winner!!

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OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine

OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine knows what its talking about. No need for that one-way ticket to Bali after all! Om recommends you get your glow back this January by coming to Poundon House!

Thank you to Om Magazine for this write up, we are delighted that you call Poundon House beautiful – we certainly think it is and guests, just wait until you see it in its full glowing glory next weekend.

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Reflections on Autumn Light

A heartfelt thankyou to Mischa Varmuza and all our guests who came to Autumn Light Yoga Retreat. It was a magical weekend.

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We had such amazing feedback from all our guests…
‘Mischa is clearly passionate about her yoga practice and I feel I’ve learnt a huge amount this weekend.’ Sam

‘What a beautiful venue! The house has wonderful, relaxed energy. Everything is laid back, graceful and elegant’ Victoria